Indoor Golf Swing Trainer, Improve your Score over Winter from your Office, Great Corporate Gift idea, PGA Endorsements

Indoor Golf Swing Trainer, Improve your Score over Winter from your Office, Great Corporate Gift idea, PGA Endorsements Rating:
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PGA Pro Tim Hurja, Anthony Robbins GOLF Coach - It's one of the most incredible golf aids and the tempo is great! Helps me visualize a straight release. SwayGolf - They took the time to develop a golf training tool that brings practice indoors. There is very similar product out there, but it does not feature any of the realism that this product offers. Sports Product Review - It feels exactly like you're swinging a real club. The shaft flexes and the weighted bottom brings the device through the zone at the identical speed and resistance of any club in your bag. You can't stop. You can't put it down. GolfLife Chris Bourquin - I've gone +1, +1 &+4 over my last 3 games and managed to drop a full point off my handicap in the last 6 with warming up on nothing but this Indoor Swing Trainer. No range balls at all. FLEXIBLE SHAFT: power is generated as the shaft bends, the weighted head pulls your swing into a full follow through position. Scientifically designed by a NASA Engineer with a handicap of 3, this Swing trainers unique shaft flexibility and specific weight provide a realistic follow through to improve your golf swing, even while indoors! 6'4" Pro Golfer, David Lord uses his indoors, 9" ceilings! # Improve your Power and Distance indoors; # 2-3 minutes for strokes off your game; # Improves distance, power and accuracy; GSRN's Timing Improver is deliberately low tech, needs no batteries or charge ups and remains usable in damp weather and if unused for a time (not that you'll want to). David Lord, 'It develops a good rhythm and the more you use that the more distance you will get. We have one member here who's taken four shots off his handicap, all he does is swing this 20 times per day.' Of course, the best, most rewarding way to measure your golf improvement is to book a game of golf.


  • ADDICTIVE! Once it's in your hands, you'll have trouble putting it down! Feels like a real club, same weight as your golf clubs. Great gift for golfers
  • QUALITY: Designed for every day use, guaranteed for 24 months, guaranteed to reduce your handicap in 30 days or your money back!
  • POWER: works with Timing and Swing and doesn't over correct. It allows for the many different swings in golf
  • INDOORS: It will keep you from losing your mind during winter - Matt Saternus,Ultimate Golf Advantage Faculty of Experts
  • CONSISTENT SWING: PGA Pro Tim Hurja It will take your game to the next level! Allows to find your own path and tempo